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History of Takeshi

History of The Japanese African Video game Power Giant of the Internet Takeshi.


1994- it Founded the Company as Sega Kids but decided to the Change the Name to Tech animation Computers.

1997 Takeshi Debut Games Armor X,G Gunlock, & Many more.


Armor X (1997) was the Debut Game Developed in 1997 The Game Allows you to Play as a High Advance Super Air Craft Fighter Armor X That is here Saved the Evil Satellite Syndicate.  Fighting Enimes with Multiple Weapons and Power ups to Enhance his arsenal 

1998- PoliceKid & Techno Senshi were Debut

1999- Jet box,Vetric Falcon were Made in 1999

2000- Freedom Fighters the Crossover Fighting game Debut Which Characters from Sonic also has none Sega Characters Croc & Bubsy.

Kid Soldier Debut in Oct,23,2000  Which Featured Heathcliff and Catillac cats

Kid Batalian was first Created in 2000

Phanom Quiet Storm Created in the End of December 2000


2002-Fighting Rebout Debut.

2003- Freedom fighters 2K3 was Created in 2003
Freedom Fighters 2K3 the Manga Series Released at the Same time.

2004- Freedom Fighters 2K3 was nominated western Guilford High School Black History month Report



2007- Science Strifers was Created an Alien Sci-fi Fighting that has original characters influenced by 20th Century Fox's Scifi Movies.

2008-Kid Soldier the Manga Debut & Gained Massive Acclaimed from Fans and Widely Popular
which Faithful Adaption to the Source material.

2009- Phantom Quiet the Manga Series was Released it was First video game manga Series that has Full Adult anthropomorphic Sexual Content and Strong Language.

2010- Takeshi Celebration 10 years of their Successful IPs and Collaborative Franchises

2011- Kid Soldier Flash 2 Debut in 2011.